About Us
Herdmark is a better way to share links

Easy and powerful, Herdmark makes sharing research links inside a company a snap.

A simple browser add-on lets everyone send bookmarks to a shared catalog with one click. It's that easy - and that useful. Once you've tried Herdmark, you'll wonder how you ever collaborated without it.

Herdmark can be used by:

  1. Corporate project teams to share great online resources, case study and example links, references, and any information pertaining to the project.
  2. Research teams working together.
  3. Specialty writers using the same reference materials.
  4. Designers and project teams sharing examples and design or project samples.
  5. Students and educators, working in teams, or learning in a group.
  6. Groups and associations working together on a project.
  7. Any group – business, friends, or family – sharing useful information.

As you use Herdmark you quickly create a library of great resources. A permanent, private, catalog of great links that you can use over and over – and add to over time.

Getting started with Herdmark is easy for anyone. Just enter your name and email address and start building links. We’ll even help you invite your team. Start now.

Herdmark Team

C.J. MacDonald


C.J. has been working with Internet technology since the mid ‘90s. He has experience designing and managing online services. Areas of expertise are in agile methodologies, iterative development and social media design, product and project management from end to end including storage, delivery and streaming, IP issues and licensing. C.J. has a Film degree from Queen's University in Canada and an MBA from San Francisco State University.

Seana Meek


Seana has been a product developer and strategist at startups and larger companies including Yahoo, Flickr, and Eventbrite. She loves launching products and GTD. She has co-founded and founded multiple startups including hys.tv, herdmark.com, and readersedition.com. She received her degree with honors in Psychology from the University of Alberta and finds it useful every day in startupland!

Lawrence Sinclair


Lawrence is a true International Tech Entrepreneur. He loves to focus on advanced analytics and Ruby on Rails web development, especially for Twitter, Facebook, and social and media applications. Lawrence has an Bachelors of Economics from Queen’s University and a Masters from UBC. Lawrence has founded and manages East Agile, a tech consultancy in Vietnam.