What is Herdmark for?

When you’re working on a group project you want everyone in your company to have easy access to the online resources. Herdmark is a simple and powerful tool that allows groups of people in an organization to share their bookmarks. You can add bookmarks using a small plug-in in your web browser, or even import existing bookmarks. Unlike many other social bookmarking tools Herdmark is private – bookmarks you make are shared only within your company. This removes clutter and keeps your work private. After all – it’s your work.

How does Herdmark work?

Sharing bookmarks can be done a two ways. You can add bookmarks, in the browser, by going to the add bookmark page or use a bookmarklet (a bookmark you click on any page to add a new bookmark) The bookmarklet can be installed in seconds by going to this page and dragging the button to your browser toolbar.

The first person to use Herdmark creates a group that others join. Each person who joins that group has access to the same bookmarks, and to creating new categories (folders), or tags – and together you build a set of links for a project.

Who uses Herdmark?

Herdmark is useful for any group. It is used by Fortune 500 companies, businesses of all sizes, students, casual groups, and friends.

How easy is it to start using it?

Super easy. Simply sign up, join your herd’s group, and start sharing.

How do I get my own herd (team) using it?

Just invite your coworkers to signup, they’ll have automatic access to the herdmarks you’ve already created. Coming soon, Herdmark will invite your team members on your behalf.

How is it different than other social bookmarking tools?

We think easy is important. HerdMark is designed to be easy to use. And private – which makes it great as a tool for groups who want to keep their work to themselves.

Are my bookmarks kept private?

Yes. We are serious about keeping your privacy. We don’t share your bookmarks – or your information. Ever. See our full privacy policy.

How do I get started?

Just sign up. In 2 minutes you’ll be sharing links.